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Healing and balance in everyday life

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Through practising Shiatsu and teaching Qigong, I enjoy helping people create and nurture their own healing resources, learning how to generate their own positive energy.

Brighton and London are amazing cities to live and work in, but city life can take its toll, it’s important to be able to take care of ourselves and relax.

Look after yourself with Shiatsu

An imbalance in a person’s vital energy may manifest itself as a back problem, a headache, in a mental depression or any of a number of other ways. Shiatsu can help relieve many issues, including:


Back Pain


Headaches and migraines


Neck pain and stiffness


Joint pain/reduced mobility


Stress related issues


Menstrual problems


Digestive problems




Sports injuries



Treating someone's back pain - The benefits of Shiatsu - Tony Austin Shiatsu London

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

When the city gets too much, feel your qi.

Tony teaches Qigong in Brighton and London. Qigong (pronounced chi-kung) is a holistic system of self-healing exercise that includes healing posture, movement, self massage and breathing techniques to accumulate and store the body’s life energy or ‘Qi’.

Suitable for all ages, Qigong is relaxing, reviving and fun!

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About Tony

I first became interested in shiatsu when training as an actor. The wish to investigate further the relationships between breath, body, mind and feelings lead me to study shiatsu and meditation under Sonia Moriceau at The Healing Shiatsu Education Centre (Now The Orchard Dharma Centre) and later with her meditation teacher John Garrie Roshi.

I completed my initial training with Sonia in 1991 and continue to study with some of the country’s leading bodywork practitioners including Cliff Andrews, Annie Cryar and Nicola Pooley of the Shiatsu College and, most recently, Dan Stretton and Kulwinder Kaur of the British School of Shiatsu-Do, who have taught me wonderful techniques for releasing tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

I am particularly interested in the relationship between body and mind and see shiatsu as a practice to enable individuals to foster their own healing resources.

Tony Austin Shiatsu London

“Before I went to my session with Tony, I was feeling stressed and overworked. I was highly pressurised at work, and had been having trouble sleeping. During our session, I could feel my anxiety and tension leaving my body. I fell asleep as soon as I got home and slept from 6pm until 10am the following morning … I highly recommend Tony to anyone who is feeling stressed or unable to sleep.”


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