Bodywork for Business

Show your staff some TLC

Do you want to create a positive working environment and demonstrate that you value your staff? Would you like to reward your team for their hard work, but cannot afford an across-the-board pay rise or staff bonuses?

I provide companies with a specialised form of bodywork adapted for the workplace using a massage chair. I offer 10, 20 and 30 minute sessions for the back, neck and shoulders which counteract the tensions arising from working in front of a computer.

You can book a corporate shiatsu session with me as a one-off reward for your staff for meeting a tight deadline, or as a regular service providing long-term care for your employees on a weekly or monthly basis. Not only do these sessions help clients relax, they also report feeling more energised, thinking more clearly and being able to work with more focus.

A minimum number of sessions may be required per visit. Please contact me for a quote.

Flexibility in the arms - The benefits of Shiatsu - Tony Austin Shiatsu London

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