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How to beat the winter blues

It is late January as I write this, Christmas seems a distant memory and there's a long stretch to get through till Spring. Make all the resolutions you want, adopt "Dry January"; resolve to learn French, or piano; aspire to lose weight and get fit; make peace with...

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Getting into alignment

One of the joys of this summer was the chance to work with the inspiring teacher Kulwinder Kaur on her Structural Alignment Course at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre. Kulwinder, “Kindy” to her friends, teaches Shin Tai, a specialism of shiatsu developed by Saul Goodman...

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New Qi Gong class

My Qi Gong class in Oval resumes on Tuesday 8th September, new students are always welcome to enrol, simply drop me a line to introduce yourself beforehand.

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Finding your internal balance with shiatsu

What fascinates me about shiatsu is its capacity to enable us to liberate our own sources of healing, to guide us to a better understanding of ourselves and our environment and to allow us to more fully align our internal and external worlds. Shiatsu is a system of...

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Tony Austin Shiatsu

I offer individual private Shiatsu sessions and corporate bookings. Shiatsu sessions are 45 minutes long.

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